Dr. Linda Randall, the owner and veterinarian at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, has acquired years of experience and knowledge working with animals. She has overwhelmingly observed that, for every pet owner, one thing remains true: either you are training your pet, or your pet is training you.

“Behavior is statistically the number one reason why people give up an otherwise healthy animal,” she says.

Randall and Jessica Taylor, a veterinary technician at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, work with people and their animal companions through various types of training, covering everything from party tricks to agility course training.

“For people and pets alike, behavior is explained through economics,” says Taylor.

The economics of behavior are very simple. If a behavior results in a rewarding outcome, you are going to do it. If it results in a negative outcome, over time you will stop doing it. The challenge of training involves identifying what is valuable to your pet, and sticking to a routine of positivity and reinforcement.

This dynamic duo of behavioral experts offered three quick tips to make training a pleasant experience for you and your pet. [read more…]

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