Sport Puppy will build confidence and provide appropriate socialization for a successful agility career! Most puppies can begin pre-agility training as young as 8 weeks of age! Our class curriculum will focus on flatwork exercises that include teaching body awareness, targeting behaviors, reliable recalls, tricks, as well as the introduction to low level obstacles in the ground. At this age, we focus on building strong teamwork while keeping the sport light, up-beat and fun for your puppy to thrive moving forward!

What is this class? Foundation agility training for puppies to help create a confident, connected & happy dog

Who is it for? Puppies ages 8 months and under

What do I need? Puppies need to have their first distemper combo (DHPP) vaccination a minimum of 1 week prior to beginning class

How long does it run? 5 Weeks – 60 min Classes

Cost? $135

How do I sign up?! Visit our online scheduling site at: under the “Puppy” tab select the “Puppy Sport Foundations” course to register & make payment for an available start date & time

Upcoming Classes: