Dogs explore the world primarily through their noses, which is why we believe scent work is the perfect sport for people and dogs of all ages and abilities! Training in scent work allows your dog to engage in their natural behaviors, it’s suitable for puppies right through to senior dogs and it can be done in any environment.

We offer classes suitable for those competing in AKC Scent and NACSW, as well as a number of specialty classes such as trailing, shed hunting, and morel mushroom hunting. These all combine the same basic skills but in fun and new ways that will allow you to explore with your dog!

Getting Started

To begin in scent we offer a number of classes suitable for the beginner handler. To sign up for any of these classes your dog must be comfortable in a group setting, and have a loose-leash walk. If you need assistance with these skills we suggest Canine Essentials for dogs over 8 months of age or Puppy: Foundations 1 for dogs under 8 months.

Scent for Experienced Teams

The following classes are available for all dog & handler teams that have completed the required prerequisites or have permission from the instructor to join. If you have any questions about any of these classes please reach out to our help desk via email:

Scent Events & Workshops

Throughout the year we offer one-day events, workshops, AKC Virtual Testing, and NACSW Virtual Achievement Challenges in 2024. As information becomes available we will add registration links here, contact your instructor for details.