Ring Rental & Rules


*Vaccinations/Titers - We accept all dogs & breeds at our facility, but do require proof of vaccinations/titers to participate in classes, private coaching & ring rental reservations


*Required Forms - All persons renting the ring must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk, and waiver for damages and/or Injury form prior to accessing the rings each year


*Elimination Fee – Will be enforced for the turf and all common areas if any dog urinates/defecates inside building of $15 and must be paid in full by the end of that day via cash, check or credit card (Only exception is Obedience matting)


* Moving Equipment – The A-Frame & Dog walk are not to be moved without a OSD faculty member present or overseeing proper handling of equipment. A minimum of 2 people is required to move the teeter as well as changing the height on the A-Frame


(moving contact obstacles can be dangerous and lead to serious injury if the proper steps & adjustments are not followed)


*Equipment Use – Most agility equipment can be moved or adjusted to suit the renter’s needs but will not drag equipment across mats or turf. In consideration of the people renting in subsequent time slots, all equipment moved, cones, adjustments or additions to the course must be replaced in their original position.


*Equipment Misuse – Any renter observed misusing equipment from surveillance cameras or by a OSD staff member at facility, will be asked to leave premises & rental fees will not be refunded. OSD does not recommend anyone below intermediate level, use equipment unsupervised. Renter is responsible for full repair or replacement


*Reservations Required – All ring usage must be reserved in advanced online at our scheduling site at www.Onesmartdog.Appointy.com, no exceptions. If you need assistance with making your reservation, please contact us at (330)241-3046.


*Promptness – Renters must be prompt in arriving/departing. Late arrivals will be charged for full rental time & must also leave once original reservation time has expired


*Cancellations – Renters not able to make their reservation time slot, must cancel within 48hrs. to receive a full refund unless cancellation falls under our weather or medical emergency policy


Please note: If we sustain repetitive damage or untruthful reservations during our open & flexible reservation hours, we will revisit these guidelines and make changes limiting access/hours for availability to rent space only when OSD faculty is present. See Below for Details


  • Additional guests attending who are not listed on the reservation
  • Renters/additional guests not signing appropriate waivers/documents
  • Renters instructing who are not sub-contractors or an approved OSD staff member




I understand that I am solely responsible for any harm caused to or by my dog(s) while my dog(s) is/are on One Smart Dog premises. I also understand & agree that in bringing my dog(s) to the One Smart Dog facility, that they have relied upon my representation that my dog(s) is/are in good health and have not harmed, shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person or animal at any time. (Note: exceptions may be made by OSD staff for dogs in reactive dog training classes. If such an exception is made, it must be on file with OSD and signed by the appropriate staff member.)


I hereby release & agree to hold harmless One Smart Dog, it’s owners, directors, officers, members, employees and agents from any and all liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage of any nature or kind, or for any liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage which I or my dog(s) may sustain or which may be cause in any way by my dog(s).


I additionally give consent to be photographed or videoed while in the facilities or in training at One Smart Dog or with a staff member of One Smart Dog in or outside of the facilities. I agree to give permission for One Smart Dog to use my dog’s image on any promotional materials, which may include it’s website & Facebook & marketing pages.


I acknowledge that One Smart Dog has full camera surveillance both inside and outside the facility at all times.


I certify that I have made full disclosure and have read, understand and accept the terms, conditions and statements in this agreement. Furthermore, I acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding all parties.
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