The AKC describes rally as a fun team sport, where your success is dependent not only on your dog’s ability but also on the teamwork between you and your dog. If you’d like to build a strong relationship and improve communication with your dog rally is the sport for you!

In rally, you will begin by learning a number of “signs” that provide direction for you, the handler, to communicate these instructions to your dog. These signs may be simple directions such as “Right Turn” or “Halt-Sit” and will become increasingly complex as you progress through the sport. Unlike in the sport of Obedience, patting your leg, talking to your dog, and providing regular encouragement are all permitted.

Get Started in Rally!

To start in Rally we recommend our Rally: Novice 1 class. This 60-minute class is offered on Mondays at least three times a year. Once you have successfully completed Rally: Novice 1 you’ll be eligible to enroll in Rally: Novice 2, where virtual testing is available. Focus classes are 30-40 minutes in length and designed to give the novice handler a head start on the skills they’ll need in the ring, and will help experienced handlers fine-tune their performance.

To begin in any of the classes listed below dogs must be 6 months of age, have completed a puppy or canine essentials class, know how to walk on a loose leash in a heel position, and know a sit and down cue. If you are unsure if your dog is ready for Rally contact our help desk, our instructors would be happy to arrange an assessment to recommend the right class for you.

Rally for Experienced Teams

The following classes are available for all dog & handler teams that have completed the required prerequisites or have permission from the instructor to join. If you have any questions about any of these classes please reach out to our help desk via email: info@1SmartDog.com