A new puppy is equal parts fun, exciting, and exhausting! We know how important a new puppy is and we’re here to help you and your puppy on their learning journey.

Puppy classes are becoming popular and there’s good reason for that, we now know just how important early socialization is to our dogs. Socialization is a term used to describe how we learn about our world and how to interact with it. We want your puppy to experience a variety of objects, environments, and social situations, in a controlled environment so they develop positive associations and learn the skills needed to explore the world with you.

By the end of your puppy class your dog should understand that you are there to support them, but also have the confidence to explore on their own. Skateboards? Umbrellas? Humans in funny hats? Big dogs and little dogs? That’s no problem for your confident pup!

Getting Started

Puppies may start their first puppy class as early as 8 weeks, and should be under 8 months by the time their first class starts. Our introductory classes are suitable for puppies of all sizes no matter your goals, the family companion, the sport dog, or the working dog will all benefit from early socialization in a safe and fun atmosphere.

We understand that you may have questions regarding vaccines and safety and we’re here to help. At One Smart Dog, we follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommendations for early puppy socialization. We require puppies attending class to have their first series of vaccines. We suggest you review the AVSAB position statement which can be found here. If you have any questions or concerns about starting class before completing your dogs vaccinations please contact our help desk. Linda Randall, DVM can answer general questions and coordinate with your veterinarian to find a suitable plan for socialization if necessary.

Next Steps

These classes are all available for your puppy to help them continue to develop healthy habits and provide further socialization opportunities in a fun and safe learning environment. If you have attended puppy classes elsewhere or are unsure what next steps are best for your puppy please get in touch with us, our instructors will be happy to suggest the class best suited for your goals.