Start your puppy off right! All puppies go through a critical socialization period, soaking up their surroundings as fast as it’s presented to them. In this class, we will build strong basic foundations, discuss structured playtimes hosted on separate days & boredom busters you can easily integrate into your lifestyle to keep your puppies busy and happy! Our training techniques use positive reinforcement & fun to encourage your dog to respond to cues with enthusiasm & precision. Puppy Foundations will set both you and your dog up for success in any dog sport or to simply just become a wonderful family canine companion.

What is this class? Basic Foundation training including (Sit, Down, Stay, Loose leash walking, Polite greetings, Come when called, Relaxation Behaviors, Leave it, Drop it) We will also include socialization exercises to help create a confident & connected puppy

Who is it for? Puppies ages 2-12 months of age

What do I need for my puppy to participate? Puppies need to have their first Distemper combo (DHPP) vaccination a minimum of 1 week prior to class. (Bordatella vaccination is also recommended but not required)

How many weeks is this class? 5 Weeks

Cost? $140

How do I sign up? Step 1: Register & Make payment for class Visit our online scheduling site at: under the “Puppy” tab select the “Puppy Foundations” course to register & make payment for an available start date & time
Contact us or call 330-241-3046 to set up 30 min orientation.

**Puppy Foundations is a rolling enrollment class, meaning we accept new puppies into the classes at any time as space becomes available (MAX 6 STUDENTS PER CLASS)**