Our Team

Owner & Lead Instructor

Linda Randall, DVM, KPA-CTP Tag Teach Level 3
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Linda Randall, DVM is a certified professional dog trainer. She is committed to understanding the behavior of dogs and helping them and their people in the areas of dog sports and behavior. As a veterinarian, she focuses on the roles of physical and mental health in dogs and how these affect the ways in which they behave. Her passion is working with children and youth, as she has found that the skills they develop when working with their dogs can make a positive impact on how they move through the world and interact with others.

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Ailigh Vanderbush

Ailigh has over 20 years of experience working in the animal care industry, and she is the friendly face behind our info@ help desk, responding to your enquiries and helping you find the right classes. Ailigh comes to us from the zoo and shelter world and has extensive experience in business operations, program administration, and animal training. She resides in Florida and lives with two dogs, a parrot, and her partner Tom, and if you find yourself on a call with Ailigh you may just be lucky enough to hear one of them singing along in the background.