Mimi Brown

Her father and grandmother fueled her love of animals and dogs in particular. They taught Mimi the importance of building trust and investing time in training. Early on, she learned that the reward is a well-mannered dog AND unconditional love!

After a career spanning several decades as a Human Resources executive, Mimi began the journey of preparing her puppy, Sweet Basil, an American Bullmastiff, for therapy dog certification. It was during this journey that she also began to train, coach, and mentor other dog owners to effectively develop dogs with good manners.

Puppies are her passion! Mimi is highly regarded by her peers and students as a training partner who provides both the coaching and skills necessary to develop a dog with good manners

Mimi teaches puppy and companion dog classes on Monday and Thursday. She is available for weekday private training and behavior consulting.
Please see our booking portal for a complete list of classes, or visit our calendar for weekly listings. If a class is unavailable please add your name to the waitlist and you’ll be the first to receive a notification when it opens for registration.