Hi, my name is Chloe. This is a picture of me on my mat. Five years ago when my family adopted me (I was one year old) it was hard because there were new people and surroundings to adjust to!!

Then my new mom made me my mat and things began to change. Mom and I had fun figuring out what this mat was for. I must say I enjoyed the treats too! Finally, I figured out that my mat was for me to lie on, chill, and be safe no matter where we were. My mat now goes with me wherever I go so I will have my own safe space.

You can have a special mat too! All you have to do in contact my mom and she will be very happy to make you your own mat. She wants you to have a safe chill place too.

Her contact information is:

Midge Roberts

Do you take your dog with you in the car or to visit a friend?

The Comfort Zone Mat can be used to create a safe, calm, and comfortable place for your dog anytime/anywhere.

Training may be needed to help your dog understand how to use his/her Comfort Zone Mat.

The payoff for you and your dog will be worth.

Approximate sizes of the mats:

XXS 16’ X 9’ $25
XS 16’ X 9’ $30
S 16’ X 9’ $35
M 16’ X 9’ $40
L 16’ X 9’ $45
XL 16’ X 9’ $50
XXL 16’ X 9’ $55


Training sessions should be:

  • short
  • done with calm, low energy
  • high value treats

Here is one way to train a mat behavior:

  1. Place the mat on the floor at the start of each session.
  2. Reward any look or movement toward the mat by calmly placing the treat on the mat. 
  3. Gradually increase your criteria for the treat until your dog has placed all four paws on the mat.
  4. When your dog is standing on the mat waiting for a treat, increase your criteria to a sit or down before treating.
  5. Delivering the treat between the front legs helps encourage your dog to lie down on the mat.
  6. Gradually increase how long your dog stays down on the mat.
  7. Gradually increase how far away from the mat you can stand. Don’t forget to always place your reward on the mat.
  8. Once your dog understands that he/she is to quietly lie down on the  mat you can choose a verbal cue of your choice.
  9. At the end of your session remember to pick up the Comfort Zone Mat.

This helps your dog to understand this is a special mat associated with a specific behavior!

May you and your dog enjoy special times visiting others while they have their OWN SPECIAL PLACE TO BE!