Impulse Control

Stay ahead of your thinking dog! This class will work on establishing a solid foundation for impulse control and work through real life scenarios that you encounter in daily activities & cover topics including:

* Building a strong stay with distance, distractions and duration
* Leaving/ignoring high valued items at floor level
* Reinforcing calm behaviors when exciting stimulus is present


Loose Leash Walking

Get your dog to walk WITH YOU! This class will build your dog’s focus and reliability with the necessary techniques and tools you will take away & improve their loose leash walking etiquette and most importantly, have a successful walk!

* Develop & practice handling skills for unexpected distractions you may encounter
* Build your dog’s focus and reliability in high distraction situations.
* Build confidence and skills that allow you to enjoy walks with your dog.


Polite Greetings

Does your dog get overly excited when they want to say hello? This class will help train desirable behaviors that we DO want and they will love too! Our focus will include:

* Develop & practice handling techniques that can better prepare your dog for success for manners at a doorway, approaching and leaving people and vice versa
* Settling in a desired location
* Building focus & reliability in high distracting environments


Reliable Recalls

A reliable recall can stop your dog from running in front of a car, from chasing an animal into the woods and instead, quickly detour away from a tempting but dangerous situation. This class will focus on:

* Understanding why your dog may not always come when you call and what to do about it.
* Learn how to build a fast, reliable recall.
* Build your dog’s reliability even in the presence of high distraction situations.
* Learn how to make recalls fun and exciting for your dog!


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