One Smart Dog offers a complete agility program for the novice right through to those competing at the international level. We follow the Awesome Paws Foundation Skills and Handling, One Mind Dogs, Shape Up Pup, Bad Dog Agility, The Agility Challenge, and many other positive methods of training and handling. We adhere to the belief that promoting teamwork through motivation, consistency, and positive reinforcement for both the handler and their dog leads to success and enjoyment in the sport of agility.

Our program is broken down into easy-to-follow 5-week sessions and pricing starts at just $27/class. To ensure each student receives personalized instruction we put a limit of 6 dog-handler teams in each class. To help you succeed we also offer smaller focus classes where you can fine-tune one particular skill or piece of equipment which will have you performing at your best in the ring!

Getting Started!

Dogs 8 months or older should begin in our Agility: Foundations 1 program provided they have no history of aggression, can walk on a loose leash, have a sit and stay cue, and is comfortable in a group setting. For most dogs attending one of our Essentials or Puppy classes before starting in Agility can give them a head start on the foundations, but it is not a requirement.

Small dogs under 10 months of age and medium and large breed dogs under 6 months of age can enroll in our Puppy: Sports program. This will provide age-appropriate training to provide them with a head start in their agility career.

Next Steps

One Smart Dog offers a complete agility program including competitive handling classes from Novice through to Premier/UKI and our equipment focus classes. If you are new to One Smart Dog we require an assessment before signing up for one of these classes. Current students may log in to the booking portal using the link below to see our full list of classes.

The first step in arranging an assessment is to contact our help desk at When you contact our help desk please include the following:

  • Where you are currently taking classes
  • What classes you’ve completed, and what skills you’re working on
  • Titles earned
  • Your training goals

At One Smart Dog, we offer both recreational and competitive classes. It’s important to us that we help you meet those goals and connect you with the classes that best suit the needs of you and your dog.

Video Assessments

We offer free video assessments to anyone interested in starting at One Smart Dog, and for current students who are unsure what skills they need to progress to the next level. We ask that you submit a minimum of 2 recent videos of you and your dog completing a full course. One of our senior instructors will review the video and reach out if they have any questions and to discuss recommended classes.

In-Person Assessments

In-person assessments take place at One Smart Dog, cost $25, and are scheduled for approximately 15 minutes. During this time one of our instructors will meet with you and your dog. Please be prepared to do a short course and complete a few level-appropriate agility sequences so we can gauge your handling experience and your dog’s comfort and skill level with specific equipment. You will have an opportunity to discuss training goals and which classes we offer at One Smart Dog will best support you in meeting those goals.

To arrange an assessment contact

Focus classes are the key to success in the ring! If you’re serious about competition this is an important step in your journey. We recommend these classes for anyone who is enrolled in a Foundation 3 or higher class.

These 5-week classes are 45 min in length and limited to just 4 students. This allows for individualized instruction and plenty of time to perfect that one piece of the agility puzzle you’re struggling with, whether that is getting 12 closed weaves, full height contacts or mastering the teeter. These classes have a level 1 & 2, which are meant to be taken in tandem, to develop fluency with the obstacle.

We currently offer the following agility focus classes, to register for a focus class please log in to your student portal.

  • Agility: Focus Aframe/Dogwalk Running 1 & 2
  • Agility: Focus Teeter Troubles 1 & 2
  • Agility: Focus Tunnels 1 & 2
  • Agility: Focus Aframe/Dogwalk Stopped 1 & 2
  • Agility: Focus Weaves 1 & 2
  • Agility: Focus Start Line Stays

Competition handling classes begin at the Novice level and continue through to Premier/UKI. These classes work together with our focus classes to give you and your dog the best chance at success in the ring. These classes are 1 hour, and are limited to no more than 6 students.

We currently offer the following competition-handling classes, to register for a class at this level please log in to your student portal.

  • Agility: Verbals All Levels
  • Agility: Competition: Novice/Open
  • Agility: Competition: Excellent/Masters
  • Agility: Competition: Handling Advanced Courses
  • Agility: Competition: All Courses/All Levels
  • Agility: Competition: Open/Excellent
  • Agility: Competition: Premier/UKI